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Role-play for the Day

Q -“Have you ever had an unexpected orgasm?”

A -Wow! Unexpected, I rather enjoy the expectation of having an orgasm.


I would like to offer a new service or dare I say a twist or two on some of what I already offer. If you are tired of the hum drum wham bam thank you man encounter or just want to spice things up, why not try a custom date with one of the role plays below? Or perhaps you have one of your own you would like to share. Please keep in mind these role plays may require additional fees above and beyond my listed fees. Especially if you require one or more of my friends to participate or additional equipment or locations. Please let me know your needs and we will eagerly please.


1. Incompetence -Dead Line Missed!

Your boss -A beautiful Japanese woman known for being strict and handing out unorthodox punishments especially to her male subordinates summons you to her hotel suite where you are to answer for missing a shipping dead line with a major client .The oversight has cost millions of yen in fees to the client. Your boss demands an apology and plans to exact her wrath and punishment on you. What ensues next is best described in the illustration below by Eric Stanton. Of course her beautiful assistant will also be present to assist with your punishment session.

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2. French Maid  

A sexy French maid erotically dressed in a traditional French maid uniform is sent to clean your room .You follow her around to make sure she does a good job .As she bends over you catch a glimpse of her beautiful bum and French knickers as well. Overcome by sadistic lust you decide to take advantage of herby telling her she missed some spots and is basically not doing a good job.You tell her that she is lazy and impertinent and needs to be put over your knee for a good spanking. What ensues next is an erotic interlude of master and servantwhere you decide that she needs a lesson in cleaning more than your room. To your surprise she has brought a wonderful array of dildos and anal plugs for your pleasure. This is truly French made.


3. Sick in bed  

A sexy nurse arrives to take care of her sick patient. Taking his temperature with an oral approach followed by a rectal treatment and medical massage.The only cure she can really prescribe is a good old fashion dose of potion 69 to climax. This nurse is liberal with her medicine and if the Illness is too serious additional nurses can assist with the procedures


4. Kidnapped

Two femme de fatales of the infamous Tokyo cartel demand your ransom and decide to add torture and humility to the mix. These sexy and hungry fem de fatales know how to bring a man to his knees .As you are bound and gagged they decide to torture mentally by putting on a very erotic girl on girl show.You are ordered to gratify yourself during the show but may not ejaculate .To get there point across a large knife sits on the table nearby waiting to castrate you if you fail. After bringing themselves to an incredible climax they decide to focus all there attention on you .You are ordered not to cum during the efforts to tease and taunt you erotically they are ruthless, irresistible and deadly. Can you survive theses dangerous femmes?


5. Slave for a day  

You have dialed for the services of Mistress SATO .She arrives at your room decked out in latex and super high thigh boots .You are immediately ordered tothe floor like a dog. From there you are forced to be a slave for the day and must complete a number of humiliating tasks including the punishments when you fail her commanded tasks  .She May require time outside the hotel for a very adventurous day in Tokyo which will definitively involve a trip to Tokyo's notorious dungeon hotel. This role-play can also allow you to be in the drivers seat if this is your desire.


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6. Naked Stranger    

You catch a glimpse of beautiful woman at the bar .She is wearing a lovely mink coat and looks absolutely stunning .She smiles at you and you smile back.You decide to send her a drink with a note to please join you at your table. She accepts, you make small talk and learn she has recently broken up with her boyfriend and was hoping to meet a nice guy that evening. She whispers in your ear that  she is so happy to meet you. She then tells you she has a favor to ask? She hands you a small remote control and asks you to turn it on. As you do you can hear the purring of what seems to be some sought of mini vibrator. Your new found friend gives out a soft moan .As she does her coat slightly opens.To your surprise beneath her coat she's only wearing her sexy lingerie and a pair of super high heels. She begins to discreetly rub your cock.You now know you are in for an evening of untold pleasure!



7. The Harem    

You decide your own personal roman style orgy filled with debauchery and lustful whims. The sky is the limit and how many women that join is us up to you. You may want to ask your friends to join in the fun. What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.



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8. The Audition    

You are a powerful Hollywood film producer and you have the pleasure of interviewing a young beautiful but very innocent up and coming starlet. Your desires get the better of you and you force your starlet onto your casting couchwhere you decide to make an adult film .She is putty in your hands as she wants to further her career. The rest is celluloid history!



9. Sensual Masseurs    

Two beautiful masseuse show up to your room to give you the most incredible rub up or rub down. Its not your usual oil massage. This is the perfect soft role-play for couples or easygoing gents. This is a massage that comes with a very happy ending in fact you will have a smile on your face for some time after!



10. Threes Company    

You and your wife / girl friend / best friend would like to experience a threesome or maybe foursome. You decide to try your luck at your hotel bar. To your delight you meet one /two / or three beautiful nymphs more than willing to accommodate your fantasies. Its a shining example of that  rare Tokyo hospitality and you just hit the erotic jack pot!



11. 9 1/2 Weeks No Means Yes  

Your very beautiful secretary has been flirting heavily with you. You finally decide to make a move but she is playing hard to get so you decide it's time to be a caveman and take her by force. You rip off her clothes, bra and panties and have some pure physical passionate. 9 1/2 weeks sex style. Ice cubes and strawberries included.