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Rates and Packages per your needs

“I remember the first time I had sex. I kept the receipt ”

Groucho Marx



Aperitif  - You have just had a late night business dinner and you fancy something sweet and smooth. Just think of me that sexy little number dancing in your glass.

90 minutes 85,000 yen plus taxi



Le petite GFE - lets enjoy a perfect date together over a glass of Champagne or wine. Get to know each other a little. Build our chemistry. Please remember to leave space for dessert.

Two hours 100,000 yen plus taxi



The Sampler - The time you put in often equals the reward(s) that come. Three hours of eternal bliss .A date to be remembered.

Three hours 110,000 yen plus taxi


The Full Monty - My sempai (Misa) has often compared those that provide fast shoddy service to their client as fast food providers of Escorting. I will simply say that a full course meal is much more satisfying than grabbing a bite on the fly.

Four hours of a full menu 130,000 yen plus taxi


Dancing with the Moon - (10pm-2am) 200,000 yen plus taxi

I am very aware that many of you arrive in Tokyo having to juggle schedules that have just been handed to you. This often leaves you with a limited amount of time for pleasure therefore I would like to introduce the dancing with the moon booking option. I am happy to meet you at your hotel bar for a quick drink and fun flirting followed by a passionate session of wind and rain in your room.



Sleeping Beauty - An overnight experience ending the next day with a smile on your face and breakfast in bed.

7pm-7am 350,000yen plus taxi / 10pm-7am 300,000 yen plus taxi


Courtesan de Jour - A full day -24 hours of sensual organic delight 500,000 yen plus taxi


Pas de Trios - You a very large appetite or perhaps you would like to entertain some colleagues. Well my friends are more than happy to join us to make your wish our command. Please contact me for accurate rates based on your needs.


Couples - If you would like to book as a couple please add 20,000 per hour to the rate you have chosen


I am available for international travel. Please refer to my fly me to you page



“Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences that money can buy.”